How To Order And Pay For Starlink Internet In Nigeria using Obiex Virtual Card

How To Order And Pay For Starlink Internet In Nigeria using Obiex Virtual Card

The internet has been a hive of activity ever since Elon Musk announced on Twitter that Starlink, the Internet Service Provider operated by his business SpaceX, is expanding to Nigeria. Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites used by Starlink to provide internet access are now deployed in 32 nations.

1,500 of the more than 2,000 satellites that Starlink has launched this year are in functional orbit as of January. These satellites make it simpler for locations without access to traditional service providers, such as rural areas, to get an internet connection.

According to the “Digital 2022 Nigeria” analysis by Data Reportal, only 49% (104.9 million) of Nigeria’s population uses the internet due to a lack of internet service infrastructure (such as cell phone towers).

Nigerians often use data bundles from providers like 9mobile, Airtel Nigeria, Spectranet, and MTN to access the internet. However, customers of these services commonly express frustration over their poor internet connections and ongoing, inexplicable outages.

In stark contrast to the typical cellular internet speed of 17.38Mbps, Starlink is recognized for its amazing 104Mbps internet speed. Additionally, the utilization of LEO satellites should greatly reduce internet outages and the absence of network signals in remote locations.

Why is this beneficial to Nigerians?

Speedy internet in Nigeria will attract more technology advancements and business prospects. Agriculture, banking, education, healthcare, and transportation are just a few of the industries that stand to gain the most. For example, banking systems would connect to head-office databases more quickly, spend less time resolving consumer issues, and provide better financial services.

In particular, students in underserved areas would benefit from more efficient online classes that would reach more students.

Telemedicine would be beneficial to healthcare. Doctors would have easy access to patients regardless of their location.

Faster internet will make it easier for anyone, especially remote workers, to complete projects and deliverables without being held up by erratic network service providers, thereby increasing productivity.

What is the cost of Starlink in Nigeria?

It takes less than 30 minutes to set up and be ready to use a Starlink device.  The cost of Starlink in Nigeria is composed of a one-time equipment fee of around $599 (about 330,000 Naira), a $60 (N25,000) shipping fee, and a $99 (N25,000) monthly subscription (N41,000). The whole kit for the premium service costs close to $2,500 (or 1.375 million) and the monthly fee is $500 (or 275,000). The entire Starlink system, which includes the wifi router, terminal, and mounting tripod, may be installed without the aid of a professional.

Even while it is substantially more expensive than a typical internet setup in Nigeria, the unlimited and lightning-fast internet makes it worthwhile.

How to place order

A $99 down payment is required to pre-order the Starlink connection on the Starlink website. Payment for the service may be difficult because to the current harsh limit on Nigerian cards. Obiex provides virtual cards that can be used to conveniently pay for Starlink. Download the app, register, add funds to your wallet, place your order, and then wait for the delivery of your lightning-fast internet connection. Obiex charges a $2 one-time card creation cost; thereafter, all purchases made with the card are free. 

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